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The Go Greener Garden Award was initiated in 2016-2017 to recognize and honor members of the community who use environmentally sound, sustainable practices to create beautiful outdoor spaces.  


Go Greener Garden Award recipients create visually appealing outdoor spaces that do one or more of the following: improve or preserve water quality; use native species; decrease carbon footprint; exclude or minimize the use of fertilizers; convert turf grass to food production spaces; and provide habitat for native species.

Residents are honored in three-month increments, March-May, June-August, and September-November.   



Matt & Regen O’Neill Town & Gown Bistro N. River Rd. (Spring 2021)

Chris & Lori Hoagland Carrolton Blvd (Fall 2021)

Robert Leavitt  Pawnee Dr. (Fall 2020)

Woody & Marlene  Indian Trail Road  (Spring 2020)

Viktor Phelps Fowler Ave (Summer 2020)

Laura Esman & Reuben Goforth  Hamilton Street (Fall 2019)

Jill Suitor    E. Stadium Drive (Spring 2019)

Ed Knoth & Kristin Matz  Lindberg Rd. (Summer 2018)

Melinda Appold & Andrew Berryhill   Western Drive (Spring 2018)

Rick & Lori Reuss   Carrolton Blvd. (Fall 2017) 

Joanne & Bill Evers   Soldiers Home Road (Summer 2017) 

Tamara Benjamin & Allan Esquivel   Rose St. (Spring 2017) 

Dan Lybrook & Lisa Pantea   Salisbury Street (Fall 2016) 

Ian and Talin Lindsay Hillcrest Rd (Summer 2016) 


Awardees are provided with a large artist-created yard sign to post and are invited to attend a City Council Meeting during their award cycle to be publicly honored for their excellent environmental stewardship in the West Lafayette community.


The artistic sign placed at the awardees property is designed by local artist Susan Doster, and represents three seasons incorporating Indiana native plants and flowers.

Woeste Pergola II.jpg

Summer 2019

Vicky & Keith Woeste

Morgan St.

Vicky & Keith's native prairie landscape with a beautifully designed pergola ornamented in grapevines native to Indiana, surrounded by a lush garden of native cone flowers, prairie tickseed, nodding onions, goldenrod, joe-pye weed, and golden alexander, among others. Vicky notes, “It’s like walking through a field of wild flowers.”

Suitor Front Yard.jpg

Spring 2019

Jill Suitor & Scott Feld

Stadium Ave.

Jill & Scott's flower oasis enlivened with compost and the joy it brings to the New Chauncey Neighborhood. "There is something very visceral in having your own piece of ground that you get your hands in and tend to," says Jill.

garden pic.JPG

Fall 2018

Ed Knoth & Kristin Matz

Lindberg Rd.

Ed & Kristin's butterfly and pollinator retreat on Lindberg Ave. boasts more than 40 different types of flowers and plants designed to attract butterflies, bees and other pollinators.  The homeowners have hopes to eventually qualify as a Monarch Waystation.


Screen Shot 2022-02-15 at 11.20.57 AM.png

Fall 2021

Chris & Dr. Lori Hoagland
Carrolton Ave. 

They have worked hard turning their yard into a green paradise and hobby. They use rain barrels to collect as much water as possible and compost their yard waste and kitchen scraps to improve the soil. They've developed Cold Frame raised bed gardens for early harvests. Their flower garden contains Sun Flowers, Milkweeds, monarda, cone flowers to attract bees, butterflies and birds. 

GGGA Spr21 photo 1 Matt and Regen.jpg

Spring 2021

Town and Gown Bistro
River Road

This is the first time the award goes to a commercial business, and Matt has worked hard to make it “green”.   With VERY LIMITED space available, (surrounded by concrete: the wall & parking behind, and sidewalk in front), Matt had to come up with another method.  He used pots and planters to make his patio gardens greener.   This adds beauty, to the location, as people drive by into our city.

Screen Shot 2022-02-15 at 11.19.04 AM.png

Summer 2020

Viktor Phelps
Fowler Ave.

Viktor's garden project is the sloped front yard garden, stabilized with plants and landscape fabric, to cover the 170 sq. ft. This is a major undertaking for any gardener, but he is a Purdue senior, with a lot of energy, and a "student's budget", but a strong desire to make a showcase garden. He just finished planting 590 bulbs. 

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